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Upload files to your server from any browser.
Fast, flexible, and free - no component required.

This free script lets you create upload forms on your web site. You will be able to do it easily, without having to buy a binary component. This ASP does not require an ASP.NET server.

Binary components are expensive and difficult to install. The installation of a component requires special permissions on the server. The advantage of an uploading script is that you can add it yourself, even to an account in a web-hosting company that doesn't let customers install binaries.

Performance is not sacrificed in this ASP script. Powerful stream classes have been available on ASP servers for some time. These classes take the brunt of the work and ensure good performance. The VBScript code merely adds logic to control these streams. You can try uploading a large file in the box on the right and you will see that the time to transfer the file is only dependent on your connection, not on the Free ASP Upload code.

To learn how to add the Free ASP Upload script to your web site, see the documentation page; the same page also provides an explanation on how the script works internally. To make sure your system has an updated environment that supports this script, see the requirements page. To look at the code, press the View Source button in the menu. To download a ZIP file with the ASP script, press Download.

Upload a file and see that there are no limits on speed or maximum file size.

Note that the upload speed will depend on the bandwidth of your connection

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